FilterBox FAQ

- Q: It seems that FilterBox is often killed in the background?

A: This is the most common problem, indicating that your phone system is preventing FilterBox from running in the background. Please visit Don’t kill my app! for how to set it up.

- Q: Is the app safe? Will you upload my notifications?

A: All notification history will only exist locally on your phone and will not be uploaded online.

FilterBox is using Microsoft’s AppCenter to collect crash reports. You can disable it in the settings.

- Q: How to dismiss the ongoing notifications?

A: Dismissing ongoing notifications are only supported on Android 8.0+. You also need to enable the “Snooze notification” option in yout system settings.

- Q: What is the buying instructions?

A: Please read it here.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please send an email via the in-app feedback feature. Thank you for your understanding and support.