FilterBox Buying instructions

FilterBox is a paid software. The initial installation provides a trial period and you will need to pay to purchase it after the trial period ends.

It support Google Play and Alipay purchase.

The app installed from Google Play will use Google Play for purchase and verification. From other places will use Alipay as an alternative.

Google Play purchase

Google Play purchases only support Lifetime purchases; subscriptions are not supported. Available on all devices with a Google account after purchase.

Alipay purchase

For Alipay users you can choose to purchase the Subscription or Lifetime Edition. Both of the orders only support one device at the same time.

Lifetime Edition

The lifetime version has a higher price, all features are permanently available after purchase and all subsequent client features will not need to be charged again.

The order number is your only voucher. Please keep it properly. You will need to re-enter it to activate after changing device.

Subscription Edition

During the validity period, there is no difference between the subscription version and the lifetime version. It can still be used locally but cannot be replaced or reactivated after the expiry date.


All orders can be refunded within 48 hours of purchase by sending an email using the in-app feedback. Be sure to attach a screenshot of your order number. The author will process it after receiving.