Filter Box Webhook Function Guide

Webhook function requires Filter Box 2.0.0+. You can create rules to send the notification content you need to the specified URL.

Note: The notification content may contain your private information. Please be sure to use your trusted server.


The custom URL supports the use of various attribute fields of notifications. For complete support fields, please click on the 20 most recent notifications in the list and select “Debug Info” to view.

The following are some commonly used fields:

The final URL may look like:{android.title}&message={android.text}&app={filterbox.field.APP_NAME}

Request method

Currently, only two methods GET and POST are supported.

For the GET method the request body is empty;

For the POST method the request body is in JSON format and its content will be the same as the “debugging information”.

If any questions or more functional requirements please use the in-app feedback to contact us.